Why HYPLAY for Web3?

Learn more about the benefits, innovations, and systems of HYPLAY for web3

A Complete, Vertically Integrated Web3 Solution

If you're integrating web3 into your app or game, HYPLAY offers support for everything end to end that you'll need to build a frictionless experience for your users.

HYPLAY includes a complete web3 infrastructure suite built on the HYCHAIN blockchain, designed to handle millions of users without slowing down. Whether you’re developing for web, mobile, desktop, or consoles, HYPLAY’s cross-compatible systems ensure seamless integration across all platforms.

Please note that web3 / blockchain integration is not required in any way to use HYPLAY, and is only a suite of tools we offer for those interested in it.

Key Web3 Features Of HYPLAY

HYPLAY blends a number of unique systems for both users and developers that make web3 accessible at mainstream scale. By implementing HYPLAY into your app or game, you'll unlock the following:

For Users

  • Frictionless User Experience - Eliminates typical complexities of web3 like wallet linkages, transaction signing, and gas fees. Built on HYCHAIN, HYPLAY ensures near-instant transaction confirmations (250ms), making interactions quick and smooth.
  • 100% Self-Custodied Wallet (SCA) - Users hold their private keys on their devices, meaning neither your app nor HYPLAY can access them. Instead, on-chain authorizations and sessions with expirations are used to grant apps permissions.
  • No Gas Fees - HYPLAY completely covers transaction gas fees through a rate-limited, monitored system to prevent abuse. Alternatively, users can still opt to handle transactions independently, which would incur gas fees.
  • Clear Authorization Flows - HYPLAY uses an OAuth-like flow that clearly communicates what permissions an app is requesting, improving transparency and user confidence. We believe this is a significant improvement for both clarity and security over traditional web3 approval flows.
  • Universal Accounts - A single HYPLAY account works across any integrated app or game, facilitating easy management and transfer of tokens and NFTs.
  • Control Over Permissions - Users can easily view and revoke any app's access or adjust permission settings, with default permissions expiring after 24 hours.

For Developers

  • No Gas Fees - Gas fees are subsidized by HYPLAY, removing financial barriers for transaction processing no matter your scale.
  • No API Fees - HYPLAY is built as a developer system intended to supercharge the adoption and capabilities of the HYCHAIN blockchain. It is free to use. We do not charge developers fees for using HYPLAY and its systems.
  • End-To-End Auth & Sign-Up Flows - Simplify your app or game's login and registration flows with HYPLAY. HYPLAY provides a complete system that handles everything for your users from account creation, management and identity, self-custodied wallet provisioning, and more.
  • No Custody Of User Wallets - Most abstraction layers for web3 involve some level of wallet custodying of user wallets. HYPLAY is a completely self-custodied system, you never touch or have access to user private keys.
  • Standardized User Identities - When users authorize your app, you'll get access to a username, profile picture and other information that can be used to easily apply an identity to the user within your app or game.
  • Subscriptions & Preauthorized Call Support - Because HYPLAY user accounts are built as smart contract accounts, we've been able to build a number of systems that aren't possible with traditional wallet implementation. This includes recurring subscriptions of any erc20 token type, and preauthorized call support where users can authorize a transaction they approve to be executed at some point in the future.
  • Interoperable User Tokens & NFTs - In the future, users can frictionlessly swap between token and NFT types in singular transactions in order to pay for things in any game and apps, making payment accessibility for app simple.
  • Simplified Contract Reads & Writes - Virtualized contract systems allows developers to import contract addresses and ABIs, and directly interact with those contracts with singular REST API calls, or through our SDKs. This is radically simpler than traditional contract interaction and transaction submission. These systems work across all platforms, and do not require any special blockchain libraries as dependencies.
  • Multicall Support - While not live yet, HYPLAY has been built to implement a powerful system called multicalls. Multicalls allow developers to atomically execute multiple transactions across multiple wallet types (apps and/or user sessions) in one single atomic transaction. This allows for new development paradigms and patterns where developers can use simple contract primitive functions to string together highly complex atomic operations. One such example is facilitating in-game trades between 2 players of a game. You could use a multicall to transfer from each player to the other using the simple transfer primitives of the relevant token or NFT contracts.
  • Off-Chain User State Storage - Apps and games often need to store some kind of data for users off-chain. HYPLAY provides simple REST APIs and SDK functions that allow developers to assign arbitrary JSON blobs to users. These blobs can be private - only readable by application, or public - readable by anyone.
  • Rest APIs & Language Specific SDKs - HYPLAY's REST APIs are documented using the OpenAPI 3.0 specification. This allows us to compile SDKs rapidly for most major programming language and game development libraries in real time as our systems get updated. If we don't yet support a specific language or SDK, you can likely compile an SDK from our OpenAPI spec yourself. You can find the latest HYPLAY OpenAPI spec here.