Why Choose HYPLAY?

HYPLAY Unlocks Streamlined User Experiences, Automated Distribution & Free, Flexible Infrastructure

HYPLAY was built to solve the most common and recurring pain points when building apps and games. This includes things like user login and registration flows through HYPLAY's SSO (single sign-on) solution, fast & persistent database storage, automated distribution and growth mechanisms, and other solutions. HYPLAY was built so you can focus on building your app or game instead of solving frustrating distribution, growth, infrastructure and scaling challenges.

HYPLAY's systems are free to use and designed to handle millions of concurrent users without slowing down. All our solutions are built to work seamlessly across web, mobile, desktop and even consoles.

Key Features Of HYPLAY

HYPLAY blends a number of systems for both users and developers that are intended to solve the most common problems when developing an app or game. From technical solutions, to distribution and growth, and more.

For Users

  • One Account, One Password, One-Step Login - Users have a seamless login experience across multiple apps and games without needing to remember multiple passwords. This reduces login fatigue and streamlines onboarding for new apps and games.
  • Streamlined Registration - Simplifies the sign-up process for your app or game to a few clicks with an already optimized flow. New users without HYPLAY accounts go through an embedded HYPLAY registration flow while completing onboarding for your app through our SSO flow.
  • Privacy First By Design - Users benefit from built-in privacy features, such as the ability to review and control what data is shared with each app or game. Users transparently & explicitly approve or deny data access to a new app or game the first time they log in, or when new data permissions are requested from the user.
  • Disaster Recovery & Forgotten Passwords - With a single HYPLAY account, users can recover their access to your app or game more easily in case of lost credentials or devices. HYPLAY's recovery options can significantly simplify the process of regaining access to their account for your app or game.
  • No-Pain Checkout & Payments - Setting payment information for a new app or game is always a pain. HYPLAY integrates Stripe's services behind the scene to securely store customer payment information once so they can quickly use it everywhere. This yields a better user experience & higher conversion rates for apps and games. Coming soon!
  • Rewards & Loyalty Points - For users who opt into rewards and loyalty points programs, HYPLAY gives points to users who try new apps or games through our recommendation services based on their preferences, helping them to discover new apps or games that align with their interests. Coming soon!
  • Simple Multi-Device Management - Users can manage their logged-in devices, track activity, and even remotely log out from apps or games, providing peace of mind and increased control over where and how their account is accessed. Coming soon!
  • Universal Preferences - Users can set preferences once (like language, accessibility options, and interface themes, etc) and have these preferences made available to all apps or games they access. While it is up to each app or game to update their user experience to a user's unique experience, for those that do, this feature helps apps and games provide a more comfortable user experience per a user's preferences out of the box. Coming soon!

For Developers

  • Quick Integration, Immediate Unlocks - Developers can integrate HYPLAY's SSO system quickly with comprehensive documentation and developer support, unlocking immediate access to a broad user base and offloading weeks to months of complexities that come from creating high converting login, registration and related systems from scratch.
  • Distribution & Growth - Leverage HYPLAYโ€™s network to reach more users effortlessly, with the potential for featured promotions within the SSO ecosystem. HYPLAY automatically promotes apps and games to users based on their preferences, who opt into our recommendation system in exchange for rewards and loyalty points depending on their level of engagement.
  • End-to-end Branded Login & Registration (Auth) - Customized the look and feel of your HYPLAY auth flow with your app's icon & background image. This brings together HYPLAY's trusted auth systems with your app or game branding to create an recognizable and trustable auth flow.
  • Streamlined Payments & Monetization - HYPLAY integrates with payment systems to handle transactions efficiently, supporting various monetization strategies including in-app purchases and subscriptions. Users payment preferences are saved to their HYPLAY accounts, preventing the need for entering payment details for each app or game they engage with that supports HYPLAY. For developers, this was designed to help yield faster conversion times & higher conversion rates. Coming soon!
  • Reduce Bounces During Login & Registration - Efficient login and registration flows are often a pain to build, and even harder to create in a way that doesn't cause users to bounce mid process. HYPLAY's SSO flow implements a highly optimized login & registration flow. Users with HYPLAY accounts can complete logging into your app in under 3 seconds, while new users who are registering their HYPLAY account for the first time won't get interrupted in completing your auth flow and can complete the entire process in as little as 15 seconds.
  • Database Storage - HYPLAY provides a fast, highly scalable database alternative akin to a non-relational NoSQL solution. We call this JSON Database Storage, allowing you to set and retrieve user and application state as JSON blobs in a highly efficient manner. You can learn more about this here: JSON Database Storage
  • Web3 Wallet & Streamlined Transactions - For apps or games interested in integrating blockchain features, HYPLAY implements a seamless self-custodied wallet solution for users. Users can interact with your web3 app, game or website without ever paying gas fees, dealing with annoying transaction popups and more. HYPLAY makes web3 as seamless and efficient as it can possibly be. Powered by the HYCHAIN Blockchain.
  • Analytics & User Insights - Understand detailed insights about the demographic of your app or game users with HYPLAY. HYPLAY provides access to detailed analytics on user behavior and preferences, helping to tailor and improve the user experience and increase retention. Coming soon!
  • Free To Use - All of HYPLAY's available systems are free to use. No credit card or payments required. Our goal is to make development, distribution & growth of apps and games easier for all. HYPLAY may offer more complex systems in the future that are priced on a usage based model, but systems available at this time will always remain free.