What is HYPLAY?

A high level overview of HYPLAY.


HYPLAY was created as a free platform to revolutionize the way developers integrate single sign-on (SSO) and account management into their apps and games. By adopting HYPLAY, you gain access to a robust identity system and a suite of developer tools designed to streamline your app's distribution, growth, and overall development process.

Streamline Registration & Onboarding Retention

With HYPLAY, users can log into your app or game using their existing HYPLAY account, dramatically reducing the time it takes to get started. This swift login process not only streamlines onboarding but also significantly decreases the likelihood of user drop-off during the registration phase. For new users, HYPLAY offers an optimized registration flow, enabling them to create a new account in less than 30 seconds. All of this is automagically handled by HYPLAY systems, allowing you to focus on what you do best - building a great app or game.

Automatic, Free, Baked In Distribution & Growth

HYPLAY is more than just a login solution; it’s a growth platform for your application or game. Our system continuously evolves to understand user behavior across all HYPLAY-integrated apps and games. By opting into our recommendation engine, users receive personalized suggestions for apps or games via email or SMS, based on their preferences. We use these systems to automatically distribute your approved apps and games to users who are most likely to enjoy what you've built.

Simple Developer Experience

Implementing HYPLAY is a breeze. If you have experience with OAuth2 flows like "Login with Discord" or "Login with Twitter," you’ll find setting up HYPLAY straightforward and quick. In most cases, integration takes 15 minutes or less with just a few lines of code.

Optional Web3 Support

If you're building an app or game that supports blockchain or crypto, HYPLAY provides optional tooling that automatically handles self-custodied wallet provisioning, gasless smart contract interactions, and more. All without you needing to write any additional code. Simply interact with HYPLAY's API endpoints related to smart contract and blockchain transactions. You can learn more here: Why HYPLAY for Web3?

Learn More

Choosing HYPLAY means more than just adopting an SSO system; it means enhancing your application or game's potential. From improving user retention through efficient onboarding to boosting your app’s growth via targeted recommendations and providing powerful development tools, HYPLAY is here to transform how you build, launch, and grow your app or game.

Learn more about the many advantages of building with HYPLAY vs. using your own or other systems for auth, distribution and more. Check out our article, Why Choose HYPLAY?