Indie Galactic Game Jam

Create, integrate, and compete in the HYPLAY Indie-Galactic Game Jam!


Game Devs,

Develop or adapt your independently funded game into a HYPLAY application to manage player authentication and compete for a $25k USD prize pool. In addition to the prize pool, all submissions have a shot at HYCHAIN Foundation grants, publishing support, and promotional opportunities.

This is a fun opportunity to dust off some shelved titles and incorporate the theme "gamify."

Register / Submit to the Jam


Create a HYPLAY App and retrieve your AppID

Follow the Developer Quickstart (takes ~5 minutes)


Register for the Jam in our Developer Discord

Link your AppID in the #event-register Discord channel (do this now)


Finalize game before Jun 05

Test that your App is properly authenticating users in your final web/mobile game

Links and Resources:


Registration OpensMay 09
Submit BeforeJun 05
Voting PeriodJun 05 - Jun 12
Winners AnnouncedJun 12

Theme and Limitation

Theme = Gamegamify

  • Ideas Include visibly capturing progress and achievements through the use of elements such as leaderboards, points, badges, and more. Interpret the "gamegamify" theme as you see fit.

Limitation = Web or Mobile

  • Your submission must be playable in the browser or a mobile app (or both).
  • Your game is encouraged to include additional supporting front-end/interfaces but must at least include the HYPLAY Login or Sign up and Sign out button.


Battle Royale


1st Place$10,000
2nd Place$5,000
3rd Place$5,000
4th Place$2,500
5th Place$2,500

USD, Grants, Publishing Support

Submissions ranked from 1st to 5th place, as decided by the judging panel, will receive USD. All submissions will be considered for official HYCHAIN Foundation grants, publishing and distribution support, and promotion during subsequent HYCHAIN and HYPLAY initiatives.



A core judging panel will be announced, collectively deciding winners and submissions based on their original comments and a broader community play/voting period.

The voting period will last one week and begins after the deadline. Entries will be ranked on a 0-10 scale in the following four categories:

  1. Fun / Replayability / Addictiveness
    1. How fun is the game to play?
    2. Does the game leave the player desiring to continue playing?
    3. Does the game's length rely on new content, or is it replayable?
    4. Is the game the right difficulty/level of challenge, or is it too easy/frustrating?
  2. Gameplay/Controls/Performance
    1. Does the game perform smoothly?
    2. Are the mechanics of the game straightforward to the player?
    3. Are the controls intuitive / make sense?
    4. Can the player easily navigate the game?
  3. Overall Quality (Graphics/audio)
    1. How good does the game look, and how well does the style fit the game?
    2. How fitting are the music and sound effects?
  4. Theme, Limitations, and Originality
    1. How well did the game fit and incorporate the theme?
    2. Does the game work well within the limitations?
    3. How unique and creative is the overall experience?


  1. You can compete as an Individual or submit as a team (there is no team limit). The original game developer(s)/owner(s) of the code/IP must be on the team.
  2. You are free to use any game engine, framework, and so forth as you see fit.
  3. Royalty-free/free-to-use assets may be used, such as:
    1. Sound effects/music
    2. Fonts
    3. 3d / 2d models
    4. Textures
    5. User interface elements / Icons
  4. Do not use substantial core code (beyond boilerplate code) from existing projects that are not yours.
  5. You are free to submit an existing game — unless the game received external funding or was submitted to other hackathons, game jams, or competitions. Games used in other jams, hackathons, or competitions and games with funding from external sources do not qualify for the prize pool.
    1. The only exceptions to this rule are games that were submitted to MetaFab's game jam. If you previously submitted to a MetaFab game jam, you are free to use that game as a submission for this competition. It is encouraged that these games adapt to the current jam theme.
  6. The game must use HYPLAY authentication and include the ability to log in / sign out of the game using a HYPLAY account. Read more here: App Or Game Registration
  7. The game must be playable and free of major game-breaking bugs or crashes
  8. The game must not include any:
    1. Profanity
    2. Nudity
    3. Racism/sexism
    4. Homophobia/hate speech
    5. Drug/alcohol use